Casas en venta LAUTARO - QUILLEM 6 dormitorios

, Lautaro

  • Tipo Casa
  • Dormitorios 6
  • Baños 6
  • Medidas 86500m2 a 86500m2
UF 41.877
$ 1.490.000.000

Casas en venta LAUTARO - QUILLEM 6 dormitorios

, Lautaro

  • Tipo Casa
  • Dormitorios 6
  • Baños 6
  • Medidas 86500m2 a 86500m2



5 minutes from Lautaro, come and visit this spectacular (and I'm not exaggerating) recently designed and made to measure to enjoy country activities with the comfort of a property of the highest standard...

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Field of 8.6 hectares, 25 minutes from Temuco with the Patronal House at "Puerta Cerrada", considers all the Furniture and Decoration of the Hall, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room, Quincho, plus all the curtains and Lamps, the Appliances , all that can be seen in the photographs and Videos

Includes New John Deere Tractor and all the Agricultural Machine that can be seen

IRRIGATION ALL OVER THE GROUND with submersible pipes, with their respective keys and sprinklers, in arable areas that are buried at 1.5 mt.

ROOFED TEMPERATED POOL, made with high quality materials, both the Pool and the Shed. With fiberglass, granite and Fulget finishes, Galvanized Steel Est. painted, Polycarbonate cover, with Sliding Windows. Also:

- Excellent Connectivity
- On the edge of the Lautaro-Quillen Route (Km. 5)
- Patronal House of 533 m2
- Spacious and beautiful garden with palm trees and EXCLUSIVE FIR TREES
- Central heating
- Large Quincho equipped with a 357 m2 event room
- Quincho Warehouse w/2 Bathrooms
- 510 m2 stables
- Warehouse for Bales and Maq. Agricultural
- High standard barn w/corrals
- Shed and Sheep Corral Roofed on Reinforced Concrete Beams
- Water tower of 12 mt. with 2 deep wells of 64 mt
- Large Roofed Metal Structure Poultry Shed for raising exotic birds of 500 m2
- 35 Kva Mercedes Benz Oil Generator Set, with Booth and complete Electrical Panel
- Pump House for Automatic Irrigation
- Wide Kennel
- Paddocks with corrals and high standard gates, made of wood and acma mesh, iron gates.
- Perimeter closure of the property in galvanized acma mesh with concrete foundations
- Concrete bridge of 6x12 mt. on the arm of the river for irrigation
- Structural Warehouse of 660 m2


- Large Entrance Hall
- Large Terrace, Beautiful View
- Living room
- 4 Bedrooms (en Suite)
- 2 Service or Visit Bedrooms
- 6 Bathrooms
- Comfortable Kitchen
- Covered parking

Now if you want to know more, contact me and let's coordinate a visit, go ahead and come to know a unique place!

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Valor de la Propiedad
  • Tipo Casa
  • Dormitorios 6
  • Baños 6
  • Medidas 86500m2 a 86500m2
Valor en UF 41,877 / Valor en pesos $1,490,000,000
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